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  1. Stay safe and hire an electrician near
    you to meet all electrical regulations

    Book a local electrician to tackle anything from light bulbs to Part P electrical work

    Qualified & NICEIC-certified London electricians for your notifiable/non-notifiable electrical work
    All work adheres to the BS 7671 Wiring Regulations and the Part P Building Regulations
    Emergency local electrical services for urgent situations; 7 days a week working schedule
    Protect your home and family from fire hazards by finding and fixing any electrical faults*

  2. No job too small
    (Yes, I know it’s a cliché.) Much of my work is small jobs, taking less than a day, but I will also take on larger projects. If you’ve a really small job that needs doing and you’re local, I can often call in on the same day.

    Part P registered for electrical work
    I offer the full range of domestic electrical work and can certify as required.

    Emergency callout
    No lights? No power? Odd noises or smells from your electrics? If you have an electrical emergency, give me a call.

    Providing a high quality job at a reasonable price
    It’s up to you to judge, of course, but most of my work is repeat business.

  3. Fixed Price – usually for very small jobs where the exact nature and extent of work are well defined upfront.
    Hourly Rate – usually for slightly bigger jobs or where the exact nature and/or extent of work cannot be ascertained upfront.
    Daily Rate – usually for bigger jobs or those comprising a number of different smaller jobs or where the exact nature and/or extent of work cannot be ascertained upfront.

  4. Unless you’re a wine collector, chances are your cellar or basement could be put to much better use than a general store-all junk room. While loft conversions usually end up as bedrooms, converting the space below your floor creates the possibility of an additional room for almost anything you like (and can cost around the same for a basic loft conversion), from a hobby and crafting area to a study or location for a home business. Cellar and basement conversions are also perfect as playrooms or utility rooms. As long as you’re not altering the floor height to create more headroom, you’re unlikely to need planning permission and a conversion can be finished in

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